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My upstairs neighbor had been out of town for several days and seemed to have left his shower on. After not being able to get in touch with my neighbor and seeing bubbles start to form in my ceiling paint, I made a panicked call to Bobco Plumbing on a Saturday afternoon. I knew that shutting off the waterline would be a quick and easy job but I had no idea where to start when faced with the maze of pipes in the garage of my building.
Bob was understanding and said he would be at my Palms building in 30 minutes. Well, 20 minutes later, help had arrived! Bob quickly located the problem, shutoff the valve, and showed me how to turn it back on. Best of all, Bob didn't charge me for the visit. I will definitely be using Bobco for all of my future plumbing needs and recommending Bobco to my condo association.

Crystal V.

I've used all types of construction, maintenance, and plumbing services for many years as an LA homeowner. The one that I used most, and stayed almost-completely loyal to is Bobco Plumbing.
No matter what the problem was, they always tried to find me the best value solution. Even when the problem was dire (sewage issue), they found an elegant solution (an extra cleaning drain). The few times I used someone else, in my early days owning a home, I regretted it -- the plumbers looked at me and said "sucker!" so tried  to overcharge. In fact, the one time they succeeded, Bobco had to redo their work. Difference between the two: the plumber that installed the shoddy work charged me $650; Bobco charged me $109. All parts THE OTHER did had to be replaced.
I am now moving far away, and am sad to lose a company that has treated me so well for so long. They are excellent at what they do and honest -- and they always think of ways to help the customer.


I called Bobco plumbing after dealing with about a dozen plumbers over the past month and not being satisfied with any of them.  Bob was very responsive and helpful on the phone, and when I had to cancel my initial appointment since I went with a different plumber, he even called me a few days later to check in to see if I got everything fixed ok. As it turned out, the last plumber didn't fix my leak properly so I gave Bobco a chance. Carlos came out that day and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.  He fixed the leak perfectly and also had some good suggestions for my condo building water filter, so we may be using his services again!

Cali G.